Spring Grant Application

Please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria before completing the Spring Grant application.

If you require additional assistance or accommodation, please reach out to us at info@cannonburyfoundation.com

Step 1: Download the application here
Step 2: Complete and save the application
Step 3: Complete the form below to submit your application

Application Submission

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1. Please tell us about yourself, including your background, hobbies, interests or extracurricular activities. [MAX 800 CHARACTERS]*
2. List 3 reasons why you feel you are a strong candidate for the Spring Grant. [MAX 800 CHARACTERS]*
3. What are your goals (professional, educational, or personal)? [MAX 500 CHARACTERS]*
4. What barriers are you facing that are preventing you from working towards or achieving your goals? [MAX 500 CHARACTERS]*
5. Describe how you would use the Spring Grant to support advancement towards your goal(s). Be sure to include all that is applicable: key activities, materials you need, budget, timeline, and how this leads to you achieving your overall goal(s). [MAX 1000 CHARACTERS]*
6. If relevant, please share any websites, blogs or social media links showcase the work or activities related to your goal or project.
7. How much money do you require from Spring to achieve the goals stated above? Maximum amount of $3000.*
a. What percentage of your own funds are you able to contribute?*
8. Please select the theme that is most relevant to how your goals described above.*
Banking & Income Eligibility
1. Do you have a bank account at a Canadian financial institution (for the purpose of receiving funds)?*
2. What is your current financial situation?*
Thank you for submitting your application to the Spring Grant.  

We will be in touch within a few weeks after the application closes regarding your status. For any questions, please reach out to info@cannonburyfoundation.com
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Frequently asked questions

When will I be notified of the status of my application?
Are there any next steps?

We will notify all applicants of their application status. Here is an overview of the timeline:

June 20, 2022: Applications due.
July 21, 2022: All applicants are notified of their status.
August 4, 2022: Successful applicants must submit program documents and banking information.
August 12, 2022: Funds are sent to successful applicants.

What is Spring looking for in a strong application?

We want you to share your unique story, including your goals and the barriers you've faced to achieve them. We recommend highlighting the following as you complete your application:

1. Barriers to advancement you've experienced; these can be either societal challenges or difficult personal circumstances.

  • Examples include (but are not limited to): low income background; discrimination based on disability, racial or cultural background, or other forms of marginalization; personal hardship.

2. How you demonstrate self-determination, meaning that you:

  • Show discipline, consistency and commitment to your goals.
  • Can provide examples of tenacity and perseverance to achieve your goals and overcome specific circumstances.
  • Can provide examples of participation in educational and professional activities to advance towards specific goals.

3. Articulate your goals, including:

  • Have clear objectives and an understanding of steps required for achievement, including how the grant will support.
  • An explanation of achievement of this goal will support long-term success.
  • How attaining this goal contributes to the betterment of your network, community or society in general.
What are some examples of activities that can be funded through the Spring Grant

The grant can be used to fund activities in education, employment, or the arts. Recipients have used the grant to attend global conferences, obtain career-specific training, and create entrepreneurial and creative arts projects. Some additional ways funding can be used includes, but is not limited to:


  • Post-secondary education courses
  • Learning and networking opportunities
  • Training programs
  • Leadership courses
  • Learning tools (such as laptops, textbooks, and other materials)

Employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Professional learning and networking opportunities
  • Leadership programs
  • Technical training or certification courses
  • Team or community projects related to employment goals
  • Association membership fees
  • Fellowship programs


  • Tools/supplies (such as art equipment, musical instruments)
  • Skills development programs
  • Association membership fees
  • Costs associated with a studio or working space
How will I receive the funds?

If your application is successful and you are selected as a recipient, we will confirm the total you will receive from Spring and your required contribution (as indicated in your application).

After receiving your banking information and proof of your contribution (via a bank statement or screengrab), the money will be transferred directly to your bank account to manage on your own.

What are the expectations for engaging with Spring?

About five months after you receive the grant, our team will reach out to you to complete a brief report to gather data on the grant's impact and have a conversation to hear about your progress in achieving your goals.

What happens if my goal is complete in less than six months or takes longer than six months to complete?

We don't require your project to last six months; we understand your goal may take more or less time to achieve. We ask that you start implementing your plan within the six months after you receive your grant. This might be attending a one-day event, a semester-long course, or the start of something bigger. If you don't plan to start implementing within six months, we ask you to apply for the grant at a later date.

What if I change my mind on what I want to do?

If your plan changes after you submit your application, let us know! We're open to discussing with you to understand what your new plan looks like.

Why do I need to contribute a percentage of the funds?

For this type of funding, the CRA mandates that you contribute a small percentage of the total funds requested.

You will select the contribution percentage that makes sense for you (between 1-25%). The contribution amount you select will have no impact on the success of your application.

Will the grant impact my income eligibility for OW or ODSP?

No, Spring funding is exempt from income calculations for recipients who are also part of the Ontario Disability Support Program or are receiving Ontario Works payments.

Do I need to use my legal name for the application?

You can use your chosen or preferred name on your application, and we affirm your identity. However, your legal name will be required in the program documents.

Do I need to be Canadian to apply?

You must be living in Ontario, but you do not need to be Canadian to apply for Spring. Should your application be successful, we will need you to provide an account with a Canadian bank to receive funds and SIN number (either permanent or temporary) for tax purposes.

Can I receive the Spring Grant more than once?

Yes, but restrictions apply. Previously successful applicants can re-apply and are eligible to receive the Spring Grant funding once per calendar year, up to 3 times.